Creating an Eco-Friendly Furniture Business

Summary: Taking care of the environment is very important. With some hard work you can make a business out of creating eco-friendly furniture. Building a business from the group up is no easy task. Depending on the industry you wish to break into, you may realize that competition is stiff and it can be difficult […]

Step-by-Step Guide on Replacing Your Sofa Cushions

Changing your cushion seat foam in your sofa will save you a significant of money when compared to replacing the sofa in its entirety. However, it can be somewhat difficult to replace the foam itself when it’s your first time doing it. Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you perk your cushions back […]

Prepping Your Property for Electric Dog Fence Installation

For larger properties, it can be nerve-wracking to let your dog out to roam. Even the most trustworthy dog can get distracted and wander too far for comfort. If you’re looking for ways to let your dog roam without feeling unnecessary anxiety, you may want to see if an electric dog fence is the right […]

Give new life to your outdoor furniture

Written by The Foam Factory With exposure to the elements and outdoor weather, your furniture might be prone to some deterioration. For instance, the paint might start to chip off or you might even notice that your outdoor cushions have become saggy and attacked by mold. With some regular care and maintenance after that, you […]

Revitalizing a backyard with custom upholstery

Written by The Foam Factory With warmer days just around the corner, people tend to bring their life outdoors. Style can also be extended to the outdoors through extension of indoor designs. Patios, porches and backyards are being transformed through custom upholstery that combine comfort with elegance and design. Fabrics In most cases, outdoor furniture […]

Long lasting outdoor cushions

Written by Foam Factory, Inc. Cushions meant for the outdoors tend to deteriorate after some years of use. These tend to be attacked by mold and mildew since they are kept in a particularly humid environment. Apart from these, wear and tear and the accumulation of dust would be detrimental to the durability of the […]

Keeping Outdoor Cushions New

Written by: The Foam Factory It’s amazing that even modern chairs can feel like medieval torture devices if you set on them for long enough. Advertisers say they are built for comfort, but sit in one long enough and your back will start to feel it. The biggest reason for that uneasiness comes from the […]

Prevent Mold on Patio Cushion

Written by The patio furniture and cushions are the most prone to attacks by humid environment. Rain and water from the pool might contribute to degrading the foam of patio cushions. Mold thrive in these humid environment and as such, you might quickly start to notice that your cushions have been infested by them. […]

Outdoor Cushions That Last

Written by Foam Factory, Inc. Outdoor cushions are particularly prone to attacks from mold and mildew, especially in highly humid areas. Apart from these factors, they might also be inflicted by dust and dirt. These make the cushions particularly vulnerable to wear and tear and make them last for a shorter time span. There are […]

Know when to replace patio cushions

Written by After several years of use or some months spent outdoors, you might start to notice that your patio cushions have lost their shape and have started to become saggy and loose. Moreover, if the cushions are made out of fabrics such as cotton, they might be prone to discoloration from exposure to […]