The Basics of Starting Your Own Interior Design Firm

Franklin St., NYC Damon Liss Design

Summary: Breaking into the interior design industry can be challenging but there are various techniques you can use to help you get started.

Creating a company can be stressful but the experience can also be very rewarding. There are a number of different aspects you should keep in mind as you are planning and eventually growing your interior design business. Figuring this out will help give you the best chances of growing your business from the get-go.

Defining a Target Audience

As simple as it may be, it can sometimes be tough to keep the customer in mind. In order to make a profit you will need people who are willing to pay for your services. Would the customer you are designing for prefer furniture from The Foam Factory or from another store? Would you mainly want to focus on residential interior design or would you like to start with commercial areas first? These are the sort of questions you should be asking yourself to narrow in on who your target audience will be. This will help you build a brand, presence, and repertoire that potential customers will look for when considering who to do business with.

Getting Your Name Out There

Simply having an interior design firm will not make it profitable unless you are able to attract customers. If you can transform a room with just couch foam and some paint, let it be known. Use social media to market your company and tell a story. Create a brand that reflects what you want the company to represent. Post photos of your previous work and show people why they should work with you.