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Keeping Outdoor Cushions New

Written by: The Foam Factory It’s amazing that even modern chairs can feel like medieval torture devices if you set on them for long enough. Advertisers say they are built for comfort, but sit in one long enough and your back will start to feel it. The biggest reason for that uneasiness comes from the […]

Prevent Mold on Patio Cushion

Written by The patio furniture and cushions are the most prone to attacks by humid environment. Rain and water from the pool might contribute to degrading the foam of patio cushions. Mold thrive in these humid environment and as such, you might quickly start to notice that your cushions have been infested by them. […]

Outdoor Cushions That Last

Written by Foam Factory, Inc. Outdoor cushions are particularly prone to attacks from mold and mildew, especially in highly humid areas. Apart from these factors, they might also be inflicted by dust and dirt. These make the cushions particularly vulnerable to wear and tear and make them last for a shorter time span. There are […]