Keeping Outdoor Cushions New

Written by: The Foam Factory


It’s amazing that even modern chairs can feel like medieval torture devices if you set on them for long enough. Advertisers say they are built for comfort, but sit in one long enough and your back will start to feel it. The biggest reason for that uneasiness comes from the lack of proper cushioning on furniture, especially on outdoor products like sofas and chair. And caring for foam padding and new cushions requires more than just keeping furniture out of the sun or rain. Some tips are as simple as buying the right fabric.


Padding Is For Comfort; Fabric Is For Survival

If you’ve ever bought custom foam cushions, you know the texture and shape provides a durable product. But place these cushions in the sun, under some rain or even against rough winds, and they’ll likely tear apart after a few days. That’s where fabric becomes important. Durable fabric made for the outdoors can withstand rough winds, stand firm against torrential storms and hold strong even against the toughest heat. Acrylic fabrics, for example, can repel all the foul elements that aim to ruin your shiny new cushions—mildew, water, stains and even rot.


Flip It Often

When your mattress nears the end of its lifecycle, you flip it. When a cushion nears its life cycle you do the same. Some people like to buy replacement cushions every few years. While you’re welcome to do so, you can just as easily flip your cushions every week to ensure the longevity of the texture. Flipping the cushions ensures the padding remains firm. Compared to long-term use on one side, cushions that distribute the usage increase their lifespan.


Storage Compartment

Some fabrics, no matter how new and durable, cannot withstand long-term battering from the weather. Thanks to storage compartments, outdoor furniture and pool-side seating cushions can take a respite from the sun or rain. These compartments keep adverse conditions from damaging the soft cushions. More importantly, these compartments provide a nice place to keep all your padded seats.


As you continue to use your outdoor or pool-side cushions, you’ll notice plenty of wear and tear. You can always purchase replacement seats, but you too can extend the life of your padding by staying consistent in your practice. And while sprays and stain removers can keep the outdoor fabric new, newly padded seats can keep you from feeling as if you’re seated on top of a torture chair.


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