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Backyard Landscaping Design Ideas

For a lot of us, the backyard is a great getaway. A nature sanctuary that helps us unwind and relax either with a good book, or tending to the garden, or entertaining guests on the weekend. The many different uses one can have for their backyard is why there are so many different ways you […]

Backyard Bird Watching

With over 10,000 species of birds in the world, 1,000 in North America alone, bird watching can seem like a task that only professionals would be capable of. But it’s helpful to keep in mind that different species are sometimes localized to specific regions of the world. Birdwatching is an outdoor hobby that is second […]

Brick Patio Designs

Patios are a wonderful addition to any home, especially if they are tastefully and exquisitely designed. More and more home owners are now opting for outdoor spaces such as patios and decks; as they tend to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the house while adding value. Patios do have a unique way of merging indoor […]

Patio Furniture Cushions

Your patio can be a place of refuge, solace or fun.  In all cases, you want to feel comfortable and relaxed in this special setting.  Sitting on wood or steel surfaces may become uncomfortable after awhile.  Therefore, the purchase of patio furniture cushions is the best solution for both comfort and style.  There are, however, […]

Small Backyard with Pool Makeover Ideas

So you want to give your backyard a good makeover but it’s small and you need to make sure you keep enough room to set up your pool each year. It may seem like there is nothing you can do to make changes with such a small space but you actually have several good options […]