Backyard Landscaping Design Ideas

For a lot of us, the backyard is a great getaway. A nature sanctuary that helps us unwind and relax either with a good book, or tending to the garden, or entertaining guests on the weekend. The many different uses one can have for their backyard is why there are so many different ways you can landscape it. But you can’t landscape your backyard without some sort of a plan. You know what type of uses you want the backyard to serve, but you may need some help in getting some backyard landscaping ideas. Hopefully you’ll find some will help here.

backyard trellis with roses

Photo Credit: gardener41

Backyard lighting as a landscaping idea is becoming more popular these days as people don’t see the point in coming inside just because it’s dark outside. Whether you use all of you backyard or just part of it, you can find different lighting schemes to suit your needs. If you have a few benches scattered here and there around your backyard, perimeter lighting might be for you. Whether you have shrubs or fencing as your border, you can put some lighting around it all for a nice, soft, spread out glow. The solar lighting on the market today is good for this, as well as a border for a walkway or around a garden. Rope lighting is also becoming very popular for patios and decks. It helps give the area a cozy feel to it even though you’re outdoors.

Intex Easy Set Pool - Blue with Filter Pump

If you have children then you already know how much they like water in the summertime. A backyard pool would be just the thing to help them and you cool off during those hot summer days and nights. Cooling off being the main objective here. And whether it’s above ground or below ground, there are many shapes and sizes of pools available to choose from to fit your needs and your budget. If your backyard landscaping ideas include a lot of soft curves for your walkway or lawn, there are pools available that can accommodate that. If you or your friends have toddlers, there are also the small, inflatable types that you can set anywhere in your backyard so you can always keep an eye on them. And if your backyard is big with a lot of grass, then you already may have a few sprinklers. Even in this day of video games, what child doesn’t like to run through the sprinklers to cool off in the summer?

vegetable garden

Isn’t this vegetable garden by CameliaTWU beautiful?

You can also incorporate a garden or series of gardens into you backyard landscaping ideas. Gardening is quickly becoming a favorite outdoor activity among the young and old alike because not only is it relaxing, but you can also save a little on your grocery bill. And who doesn’t like fresh vegetables? If you’ve never gardened before, you can start with something small in a corner of your yard, and as you get better at it, you can start to incorporate it more and more into the entire scheme of your backyard.

flower garden

Absolutely beautiful flower garden by Mary

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