Brick Patio Designs

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Patios are a wonderful addition to any home, especially if they are tastefully and exquisitely designed. More and more home owners are now opting for outdoor spaces such as patios and decks; as they tend to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the house while adding value. Patios do have a unique way of merging indoor living with the outdoors, and as a result are usually the among the most used rooms of the house, particularly in the warmer months.

There are a plethora of designs currently on the market which can be utilized for your patio. The choices are practically endless, and it is quite easy for one to be flabbergasted by the wide array of choices available. However, if you are interested in a timeless, durable deign, you may want to somehow incorporate the use of bricks in constructing your patio.

Fun Patio Designs

Gone are the days when one simply got all the bricks lined up in a row – the designs available today are far more interesting and creative than the traditional way. To add a bit of intrigue to your patio consider creating a checkerboard pattern using two different color bricks.  You may also take it a little further for a more ornate look, simply  lay two bricks alternately lengthwise with two more positioned width-wise. This effect will appear to be very complicated and intricate but it really is quite simple to achieve.

Photo Credit: Greg’s Landscaping

If you are not particularly enthused with the checker board effect, you may want to go the route of some other traditional designs such as the herringbone, basket weave or simply do a random design infused with your personality. In brick laying, while there are definite designs which can be copied, there are really no hard and fast rules as to the best way in which bricks should be laid.

It really is up to you and the look which you want to achieve. Your patio is your personal space and it should reflect your personality and creativity, so by all means, allow those creative juice to flow and create a masterpiece of your own.

brick patio

Photo Credit: Gailf548

Once you have decided on a pattern for your brick patio, whether traditional or artistically creative, there are many ways in which you can ‘accentuate ‘your design. Though certainly not exhaustive, the list of options includes – creating starburst in the center, building a raised pond in the center of your design or simply just leave a space for a garden in the middle.

Just remember that after you are finished with your bricklaying, it is crucial that you spread some sand over the design. Make sure that you then work the sand into the cracks using a firm broom. Finally, gently sprinkle water over the bricks with a garden hose to ensure that all the cracks are filled with sand.

So if you have a sore spot in your backyard, no need to be embarrassed about it. All you need to do is to create a simple brick patio which will transform the entire look and ambiance of your yard. Bricks are extremely versatile and are a dream to work with, and there are many patterns from which you can choose.

brick patio design

Photo Credit: The Consortium

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