Small Backyard with Pool Makeover Ideas

Intex Easy Set Pool

So you want to give your backyard a good makeover but it’s small and you need to make sure you keep enough room to set up your pool each year. It may seem like there is nothing you can do to make changes with such a small space but you actually have several good options to choose from.

For example, turn the area where you always set up the pool into a permanent spot for the family to get-together throughout the different seasons. Cover that ugly bare spot in the middle of your lawn with a clean, smooth surface made from cement. In the summer, it’ll be the perfect place to keep the pool level and clean.

In the cooler months when you take down your pool, use this area to set up patio furniture, benches, outdoor swings, etc. where you can sit and enjoy the scenery the changing seasons bring. If you have an area nearby which is separated from the main part in some way, such as with an unused dog run, this would be a great place to set up a BBQ grill.

You could also put down a walkway of stone or cement to this area so you can cook out and enjoy a dip in the pool without tracking grass and dirt into the water. If this area is separated by a fence, another option would be to take it down to create one big space.

Plant a variety of shrubs, flowers or other plants along the edge of your backyard to create more privacy from neighbors and to add color to your lawn. Use decorative rocks and stones to create pathways or to encircle plants and flowers located throughout the backyard.

Take a good look at the different landscaping ideas available for small backyards. Pick out a few and think about how your lawn would look if you used the same concept for your makeover. This will serve as a guide to help you get started. Then, get a little creative and come up with landscaping ideas of your own that would make the original one more suited for your personal needs and budget.

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