Patio Furniture Cushions

Your patio can be a place of refuge, solace or fun.  In all cases, you want to feel comfortable and relaxed in this special setting.  Sitting on wood or steel surfaces may become uncomfortable after awhile.  Therefore, the purchase of patio furniture cushions is the best solution for both comfort and style.  There are, however, a few things to keep in mind before purchasing patio furniture cushions.  These include décor, theme, fabric covering and maintenance.

Patio décor and theme

The choice of cushion should match the décor and theme of your patio.  Therefore, you will need to find colors that match your patio’s mood and style.  If you desire a beach theme then choosing variations of blue similar to the color of the sea would be your best option.  If you desire a lively area then festive colors would be in order.  On the other hand, pastels would be more ideal if a sedate atmosphere is desired.

patio furniture cushions

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Choosing the right fabric covering for your cushions will be dependent upon the use of the patio.  If you get a lot of traffic on the patio, especially with young children, then the durability of the fabric is important.  If there will be a lot of eating and drinking on the patio, then you will need to identify fabric that is stain-resistant.  Choosing a fabric covering that can withstand the elements (sun, wind and rain) and easy to clean is also vital.  Durable fabrics include:

  • Acrylic/Acrylic cotton blends – strong, durable and soap and warm water is required for cleaning.
  • Olefin (synthetic) – mildew and stain resistant, does not fade easily and warm water is sufficient for cleaning.
  • Polyester (vinyl-coated) – resistant against water, sun, dirt, mildew, stains and washing of the fabric is easy.

Cushion Filling

The ideal filling should be mildew-resistant, does not retain water and dries easily.  The two filling options are usually foam and poly fill.  Foam provides greater comfort but tends to hold water and takes some time to dry when it gets wet.  Poly fill dries quicker but tends to become lumpy after awhile.  A possible solution to this dilemma is to buy removable water resistant cushion covers.

Cleaning and maintenance

When choosing cushions for your patio furniture, the issue of cleaning should be carefully considered.  There are some fabrics which are easy to maintain as they can be wiped clean while some may require the services of professional cleaners.  If your cushions are made from absorbent fabric then extreme care should be exercised as lotions may be easily absorbed resulting in molds and stains.

Size and samples

The Internet is a great tool to use to shop for patio furniture cushions.  You will need to get the measurements of the seats which will be covered so the right size cushion will be purchased.  Additionally, you should find a company that will send samples so that you can actually match them against your furniture.

Patio furniture cushions are the right choice to add comfort, style and flair to your patio.  The frequency of use will determine the most suitable fabric covering.  The great news is that you can be as artistic and creative as you desire with your patio theme and décor.

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patio furniture cushion

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