Revitalizing a backyard with custom upholstery

Written by The Foam Factory


With warmer days just around the corner, people tend to bring their life outdoors. Style can also be extended to the outdoors through extension of indoor designs. Patios, porches and backyards are being transformed through custom upholstery that combine comfort with elegance and design.


In most cases, outdoor furniture tend to be quite durable. However, the upholstery might be more easily prone to damages through wear and continuous exposure to the outdoor elements. The first step in going about with an upholstery change would be to opt for a change in fabric. Some marine fabrics are more suited for the humidity of outdoor environments. The fabric can be chosen in soothing patterns of a different color that the previous upholstery. Colors such as light blue convey a clean and elegant feel to outdoor furniture. Patterns are especially trendy. However, you might want to opt for subtle patterns to keep the ambiance calm and relaxing.


If fabric is the skin of the custom upholstery, foam is the skeleton. Carlo Badalamenti is an expert in foam manufacturing. A dryfast foam is more recommended for outdoor furniture. This type of foam is has a more open-celled structure, making it easy to drain out excess water. They are also more durable and are less prone to microbes. Most foam companies offer the possibility of having the foam custom cut to fit the size requirements for any project.

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