Step-by-Step Guide on Replacing Your Sofa Cushions

Step-by-Step Guide on Replacing Your Sofa CushionsChanging your cushion seat foam in your sofa will save you a significant of money when compared to replacing the sofa in its entirety. However, it can be somewhat difficult to replace the foam itself when it’s your first time doing it. Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you perk your cushions back up.

Carefully Measure

The first step that you’re going to need to take is to measure the width, the length, and the depth of your sofa. When it comes to foam replacement, you’re going to want to measure as accurately as possible.

Remove Your Old Cushions

Take out your old cushions out of their covers and dispose of it as you have new foam. If your seat covers are machine-washable, then you can just quickly toss them into your washer and let them dry.

Cut Your Foam to Size

When you get your foam, it’s going to come in a block that’s free to cut and edit. Take a knife that’s suitable to cut your foam, then shape it according to your measurements.

Cover Your Foam

Cover your foam with some batting to protect both the foam and the surface. It’s also important that you place the right amount of batting around your foam to create an ideal amount of support for you and your guests.

Finalize Your Swap

Place your sofa seat cushions back into their covers and shift them around so they come out in a nice even spread. You can then place them back onto the sofa and test it out.

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