Preparations to Make for Your New Puppy

Summary: If a new puppy will be joining your home soon there are some preparations you should make to keep your little friend safe.

Few things are as exciting as getting a dog. The joy your dog expresses when you come home or when you are ready to take him out for a walk can make you feel warm and happy. Taking care of an adult dog is a bit different from taking care of a puppy. If you are going to purchase or adopt a puppy in the near future, there are some preparations you can make in your house to make the transition as smooth and safe as possible.

Safe Zone

Your new puppy will likely be full of energy and ready to run around. Since your dog might not be fully potty-trained or know what is and is not allowed in the house, it might be wise to section off a part of the house where the puppy can run around. Replacement cushions are soft and can act as barriers for the puppy to stay within.

When creating this safe zone try to keep any valuables out of the way. For example, if you have any art or decorations that you do not want your puppy to chew up or get dirty, you should move them to another room.

Cover Hazards

Another thing to keep in mind when your puppy is getting used to the house is the fact that it will be very curious. It might see a cable or outlet adapter and think they are chew toys. Your new cushion from The Foam Factory might look like a nice object to scratch and tear. Cover the dangerous objects the puppy could come into contact with.