Fire Doors: What Every Building Owner Needs to Know

Article by eGardening Today A building owner has a huge legal responsibility to make sure fire doors are installed at all proper points in a given building. Every state will have different specifics, but generally most buildings must have fire doors located at specific areas. Common placements include a stairwell, where employees may need to […]

Settling a Dispute over Materials when Renovating a Backyard

Something as simple as adding a new concrete slab to your backyard can cause a dispute, especially if you’re using unlicensed contractors to do the work for you. Taking legal precautions isn’t being paranoid, it’s playing it smart. If you’re considering a backyard renovation and must hire contractors, this guide will help you avoid and […]

How to Make Your Door Stand Up to Weather

A poorly sealed home or office can add twenty percent to the annual heating budget, according to the Consumer Energy Center. Small adjustments, such as sealing a one-eighth inch space beneath an outer door, will save hundreds of dollars in heating fuel or electricity each year. Weatherproofing doors, especially in areas where extreme weather is […]

Buying a Patio Door for Your Home

Finding the right patio door for your home can be a complex task. For starters, doors can measure from 5 to 12 feet in width. There are also different styles, like French or sliding-glass doors that present a very different look. Sliding doors open to the backyard, like a large picture. These doors are made […]

Clean up Your Home with a Quality Air Filter

Living in the modern world has its perks. Instant gratification through the many forms of instant technologies, like instant food, high-speed internet, and even push messaging on your mobile phone, the modern world has made life much more instantaneous. However, the modern world has its drawbacks too. From pollution to traffic, the world we live […]

How to Deal with House Dust

It is rather annoying when you get home, tired from work or school, you get comfy,  then suddenly you start sneezing uncontrollably for some unknown reason. Rather than just kicking back and relaxing, you have to run down to the nearest convenience store to get yourself some anti-allergens. Oftentimes, this uncomfortable feeling is caused by […]

Importance Of Installing An Air Filter In Your Home

Air filters is a great way to sanitize the air you breathe inside your home. This will help you and your family reduce risks in developing serious diseases and allergies such as asthma. Nowadays, there are a lot of readily available air filters in the market like the Filtrete air filter. Numerous models have also […]

Check The Furnace Filter Once A Month

Be sure to check your furnace filter at least once a month especially during the winter months. Heavy use during extremely cold weather attracts more dirt and dust to your furnace making the filter dirty. By checking the filter once a month you can ensure your furnace is always returning clean air into your home. […]

Do You Need a Replacement Furnace Filter?

If you need to find a replacement furnace filter from a reliable dealer, you will be able to rest easy knowing that there is a place that you can go for that. It does not matter what kind of furnace you will need to have a replacement for, there are many different types on the […]