Check The Furnace Filter Once A Month

Be sure to check your furnace filter at least once a month especially during the winter months. Heavy use during extremely cold weather attracts more dirt and dust to your furnace making the filter dirty. By checking the filter once a month you can ensure your furnace is always returning clean air into your home. The easiest way to buy new furnace filters is by shopping online.

There are many different sizes of furnace filters so be sure to always replace the filter with the same size. There are many different types of filters besides the traditional furnace filter. For example you can buy hypoallergenic furnace filters that trap all household allergens. This keeps your home not only dust free but pollen free as well.

If you need filters for your furnace, air conditioner or other appliances, visit your filter connection. They have a huge inventory of all types of filters for all types of appliances including furnaces and air conditioners. When searching online for an air conditioner filter be sure to write down the brand of air conditioner you have and the style filter it takes. If you need a residential air filter again be sure you have all the information you need to buy the right size and style you need. If you are unsure what size filter you need you can visit any home improvement center who can help you find the right one. Most of the time they sell the air conditioner, furnace or appliance you have and can easily show you what type of filter you need.