How to Make Your Door Stand Up to Weather

A poorly sealed home or office can add twenty percent to the annual heating budget, according to the Consumer Energy Center. Small adjustments, such as sealing a one-eighth inch space beneath an outer door, will save hundreds of dollars in heating fuel or electricity each year. Weatherproofing doors, especially in areas where extreme weather is likely, can protect the home and its inhabitants. This simple step is one of the easiest ways to make your door stand up to weather.

According to author John Banta, exterior doors should have at least three hinges and deadbolts. Since patio doors are easily damaged, it’s important to reinforce them or purchase new doors fabricated of impact-resistant material. A garage door is likely to suffer the most during or after a fierce windstorm, especially if the garage supports a portion of the roof. Areas with extreme storm activity should consider smaller, reinforced doors as best practice.

Steel Doors

“Room for Improvement” recommends energy-efficient steel doors because they don’t warp, swell or shrink. This is particularly important for homeowners in hot, humid environments in which extreme weather is commonplace. Manufacturers offer high design steel doors in almost every color imaginable. Others accept custom color or design orders.

Fiberglass Doors

Before shrieking “No!” today’s fiberglass doors are both attractive and well-suited to extreme weather conditions. This material favorably compares to the possible energy savings of steel doors. High quality fiberglass doors are finely grained to look like wood and most can be stained to take on the high gloss of any preferred wood species.

Extreme Weather Strategies

Homeowners who live in a hurricane zone know that it’s always best policy to use storm shutters before a storm arrives. In order to protect and secure the home, purchase storm doors and covers that seal and protect the home’s doors and entries.


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