Settling a Dispute over Materials when Renovating a Backyard

construction-materials-disputeSomething as simple as adding a new concrete slab to your backyard can cause a dispute, especially if you’re using unlicensed contractors to do the work for you. Taking legal precautions isn’t being paranoid, it’s playing it smart. If you’re considering a backyard renovation and must hire contractors, this guide will help you avoid and resolve disputes.

Verify Licensing

If you’re hiring a contractor, make sure he or she is holding the proper authorization to do work to your home. Unlicensed contractors might seem like a great bargain, but the work they do isn’t likely to pass a permit audit. If you try to sell your home, and you have a new room built by an unlicensed contractor, it could come back to haunt you if the work isn’t done to the standards of your local city. Not only that, lack of license can hurt you in legal matters. A steel fabrication expert without credentials won’t serve as a good expert witness if you need one in your defense.

Legal Disputes

Save time and money by avoiding the courtroom altogether when you need to settle disputes, and opt for private mediation instead. Mediation provides an amicable result that is legally binding. You shouldn’t go to court without first consulting an attorney, and mediation is often far less expensive than consulting legal counsel.

Applying Pressure

You’re not responsible when a member of the crew leaves or gets fired, but that outcome can still affect the work being done on your home. If you need to, speak with the contractor directly and look into hiring interim short term management services to handle the void.

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