Swimming Pool Landscaping

Turn your swimming pool into that exotic retreat that you have always dreamed of. It is entirely possible for you to create any look which you desire, provided that you are willing to exert the effort and the time.  Quite often a swimming pool will be the centerpiece of a backyard; it will function as […]

Add Security Lighting to Your Backyard

Article written by : Kirby Design – Great Design Ideas For Your Home  Add security lighting to your backyard so you can rest easier at night and when you’re away. Keeping your home secure is top priority for any homeowner. But when your backyard is dark and secluded, it makes your home an easy target […]

Re-Cover Your Lawn Furniture Cushions

When your lawn furniture cushions start showing signs of age, don’t throw them away, just re-cover them! You can save money and make your patio look brand new again by making this simple change. Re-covering your lawn furniture cushions is a great way to add color to your patio, spruce up an old set of […]

Quick Tips for Wood Fence Repairs

Have you noticed that your wood fence is starting to look a little rough? Are some areas of the fence weak, rotted or damaged in some other way? If so, now is a great time to make repairs. To get started, walk around your fence and inspect the damage. Make note of everything that it […]

Backyard Landscaping Ideas Pictures

Before you start your backyard landscaping, get some ideas, look at some pictures, make some plans! I gathered several ideas here to get you started, but don’t stop here: leaf through some magazines,  watch some TV shows, and even take a stroll or a drive through your neighborhood to find the perfect backyard landscaping ideas […]

Backyard Lighting Ideas

For many people these days, the backyard of their home is their sanctuary. This natural getaway  helps them relax in many different ways by themselves or with others, whether it is with friends, family, or both. There are a variety of  uses that one can implement for their backyard which is why you will find […]

2 Great Backyard Makeover Ideas

Are you tired of looking at the same backyard for the past couple of years? Are you looking for something new and vibrant that will take your breath away? Your backyard may need a makeover. Backyards also deserve a makeover. They too have the right to be made more beautiful than they originally were. A […]

Backyard Landscaping Design Ideas

For a lot of us, the backyard is a great getaway. A nature sanctuary that helps us unwind and relax either with a good book, or tending to the garden, or entertaining guests on the weekend. The many different uses one can have for their backyard is why there are so many different ways you […]

Backyard Ponds

Backyard ponds are magical. There are so many different things that can be done with a backyard pond… A backyard pond is a great place to create your own educational ecosystem. Additionally, a backyard pond can be a great home to showcase your exotic plant life. You can improve the ambiance of your existing backyard pond by adding one […]

Backyard Waterfalls

A backyard waterfall is a beautiful addition to any landscaping, and it’s both peaceful and relaxing. There’s no reason why the planning, preparation and installation can’t be the same. Just like any other project around your home you’ll want to put some thought into it before you put your money into it. The last thing […]