Backyard Lighting Ideas

For many people these days, the backyard of their home is their sanctuary. This natural getaway  helps them relax in many different ways by themselves or with others, whether it is with friends, family, or both. There are a variety of  uses that one can implement for their backyard which is why you will find so many ways to landscape it. You are going to need to go into your landscaping project with some sort of plan though.You can have general ideas of what you want your backyard to look like, but you may need help with the planning and implementation of the idea. Let’s focus on the lighting aspect of your backyard to help make it as warm and inviting as possible.

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First we need to narrow down what you want your lighting to do and where you want it. This is going to depend a great deal on the size of your yard. If you have a typical lot size, it is hard to get too creative with the lighting as you simply don’t have a lot of space. This is a scenario  where the lighting is going to be more functional than anything else. You will want to focus on the style of lighting fixtures you want to put in place as they are going to be prominent. You need to take care though not to put too many lights in a small backyard. You don’t want to take too much focus off the yard itself, and you don’t want so much light that your backyard looks like an airport runway.

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If you have a larger than normal yard then you can get more creative with your lighting. There are some backyards that have a lot of foliage in the very back for privacy purposes. If this is your case, then you may want to consider brighter lights in the back than you have right by your house. If you want lighting though your yard leading to the back, you may want to slowly increase the wattage of the lighting the farther back you go. This will have a special effect on your backyard making everything appear more uniform and even. Professional lighting schemes such as this allow everything in your backyard a more cultured look.

If you have outdoor benches and a walkway in your backyard, you can create a very splendid effect with different colored lighting. You could make the lighting on either sides of a bench a little brighter than the rest and tilted at an angle so as to face the bench. Even if the bench is in the middle of the yard, it will give the people sitting on it a sense of closeness. Most people with big yards have them because they have a large family. If this is your situation than you may want to consider placing your lighting around the perimeter of the yard.  Even though you have to be practical about, you can still make it all stylish and pleasant.

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