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A backyard waterfall is a beautiful addition to any landscaping, and it’s both peaceful and relaxing. There’s no reason why the planning, preparation and installation can’t be the same. Just like any other project around your home you’ll want to put some thought into it before you put your money into it. The last thing you want is to get started then realize you overlooked an important step and maybe have to start all over again. It happens to the best of us sometimes so having a few extra tips and things to consider doesn’t hurt. Sometimes it’s better to have information you don’t need than to need information you don’t have.

The first thing you should consider is the amount of space you have to work with. A waterfall is a part of nature so you’ll want it to look as natural as possible. What’s in your backyard already, what’s not in it and how big it is should all be taken into account before deciding how big or small your waterfall should be. Is there something your backyard you could do without? Or would there be something worth adding to help compliment the waterfall? Search the internet for pictures of recently installed waterfalls and note how big they are in relation to the yard itself. You can get a good idea from there how big yours should be based on the size of your own yard. This project could potentially be a big one so you’ll want to cover all bases.

Where you put your back yard waterfall is very important also. Almost no yard is completely flat so look for any natural depressions or slight peaks and valleys in the open spaces of your yard, especially around the edges. Again, you’ll want it to look as natural as possible so if you have any boulders or a natural occurrence of rocks in your yard, take note of where they are in conjunction of where you want your waterfall to be. Rocks and stones are a natural part of any waterfall, so the more you already have in your back yard, the less you’ll have to buy. You may need to alter your plans  a little or you may need to do some earth moving. Knowing these things beforehand could save you  time and money in the long run.

In addition to the rocks and stones, there are parts that you will need. A water pump should be the first item on your list and it should only be as big or as small as what you need. When you know how big your back yard waterfall will be, ask your local hardware or home improvement store what size pump you will need to keep an adequate flow of water. Remember, gravity does half the work for you by getting the water down, it’s your job to keep the water pumping and flowing from there.

When you have the right kind and amount of information in hand, building your own back yard waterfall shouldn’t  a chore as much as it is a labor of love.

Rock Cave Waterfall

Rock Cave Waterfall

Its easy to get lost in the beauty and sounds of the Rock Cave Fountain. With it’s gorgeous design, you can watch and listen as the water spills over from pool to pool creating soothing, peaceful waterfall sounds.

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