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Troubleshooting Underfloor Heating

Written by: EZ Floor Heat Warm tiles thermostat systems can help cut the costs of heating your space. It’s a valuable investment that uses ambient heat to warm the residence, and it can be fairly inexpensive to both install and run. Like all mechanical parts in a home, it is subject to breaking down. Quality […]

How to Make Your Door Stand Up to Weather

A poorly sealed home or office can add twenty percent to the annual heating budget, according to the Consumer Energy Center. Small adjustments, such as sealing a one-eighth inch space beneath an outer door, will save hundreds of dollars in heating fuel or electricity each year. Weatherproofing doors, especially in areas where extreme weather is […]

Using dryfast foam for patio cushions

Written by Carlo Badalamenti Dryfast foam is a technology used in foam that allows it to dry up at a rate that’s much faster than regular cushions. As you may have already realized by now, the ability of cushions to dry up much faster makes it extremely ideal for outdoor use. That means that your […]

Tools for a Better Backyard

Submitted by Toolsmith Direct A lot goes with owning a home. However, most homeowners have one very specific priority: they want the best yard on the back. This includes the backyard, especially because it’s so much bigger. While good yards are made with mowers and fertilizer, there are other methods you can use to actually […]

Due diligence in putting up electric fences

Written by Jason Governo Electric fence installationhas always been a popular option among farm owners in order to protect their property from trespassers. But the problem here is that most farmers don’t really know how to go about this. It takes more than just putting up chicken wire fences and hooking jumper cables onto them. […]

Common Problems with Electrical Fences, and How to Fix Them

Written by: Jason Governo An electric fence around a farm can provide physical and psychological feedback that prevents animals from breaching the fence and intruding on your property. Many of these issues crop up at the time of installation, so it’s important to review manufacturer instructions and plot your fence correctly. Measure ahead of time […]