Due diligence in putting up electric fences

Written by Jason Governo

Electric fence installationhas always been a popular option among farm owners in order to protect their property from trespassers. But the problem here is that most farmers don’t really know how to go about this. It takes more than just putting up chicken wire fences and hooking jumper cables onto them. Other than that, you will have to consider the safety factor involved here such that you might want to make sure that electrocution wouldn’t hurt you and your family. More importantly, you need to make sure that outsiders and strangers wouldn’t get accidentally electrocuted too. Negligence is a very possible point of contention for outsiders getting electrocuted. So you need to make sure that installation of your fences are done without any error or mistakes on your part. You will also have to put up large signs throughout the entire stretch of your electric fencing to ensure that nobody gets too close to them. This is being diligent as well as being cautious. You would be surprised as to how easy you would be exposing yourself to liability if you put up an electric fence. That’s the reason why you should put up adequate and reasonable signs to warn people that they will get electrocuted if they get too close. Moreover, failure to put signs that your fence is electrocuted is tantamount to negligence that can and most probably will be used by victims to go after you and whatever amount of money that you may have.


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