Backyard Design Ideas

There is something wonderful about surrounding yourself with nature. We at Better Backyards would love to help you transform your backyard into a heavenly oasis, where you can spend time

  • Relaxing
  • Recharging
  • Playing with your loved ones
  • Or just hanging out

relax & recharge in the backyard

Relaxing & Recharging in the Backyard

Your backyard is a very special place. Unfortunately, many people do not take advantage of this space to make it their own. Take a drive around any neighborhood and the chances are good that you won’t find a unique backyard in the bunch! Make yours stand out and you’ll be the envy of all your friends and neighbors.

The first thing you’ll want to think about is your interests. If you like gardening, you might want to include a garden in your unique backyard ideas. If you have children, you’ll probably want to include some kind of play area. There are so many different ways to create a unique backyard that there is no reason not to get started today.

backyard flower garden

Backyard Flower Garden

One great idea to create a better backyard for yourself is to have two levels. This will be very eye pleasing as you can create two different looks within the same yard. This is certainly a unique backyard idea that’s perfect for you.

One level could be a beautiful garden where you have flowers and vegetables. You could even incorporate a pond full of fish swimming around. There are so many great possibilities that you really shouldn’t limit yourself.

The other level could be a grassy area. This could have things like a picnic bench, swimming pool, volleyball net, and more. This part of your unique backyard will be a great place for friends and family to play.

Don’t focus solely on the daytime aspect of your unique backyard. Put in some tiki torches or colored lights to line a path. If you have enough beautiful lights, you’ll definitely want to spend more time outside. Have a nighttime picnic with your family surrounded by these lights as well as the moon and stars.

For those of you who want to be more adventurous with your unique backyard, you can create a bar. In fact, this could go very well with your tiki lights! A straw hut can look adorable in your backyard. All of your friends will flock to your house because you have a much better backyard than they’ve ever dreamed of.

Another fun thing to do is create an archway dividing the two levels of your unique backyard. You will love to pass under this archway in order to get from one side to another. There is something about an archway that screams class and it will certainly add a lot of charm to your yard.

For the more romantic at heart, a beautiful gazebo could create a wonderful spot to spend some romantic evenings with the love of your life.

backyard gazebo

Backyard Gazebo for the Romantic in You

Creating a unique backyard takes some imagination. The work you put into it now will definitely pay off because you won’t have the same old boring backyard as everyone else. Get creative and think of what will work best for your family.

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