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How to Build Your Own Electric Wire Fencing for a Garden

Protecting your garden from pests is a complicated task if you’re exposed to the natural elements. In a fenced in suburban backyard, you generally deal with bugs. Out in the rural parts of America, larger game will often invade your space seeking something to eat. Most of these people are growing food to support themselves, […]

Know when to replace patio cushions

Written by After several years of use or some months spent outdoors, you might start to notice that your patio cushions have lost their shape and have started to become saggy and loose. Moreover, if the cushions are made out of fabrics such as cotton, they might be prone to discoloration from exposure to […]

Overlooked Tips for Spring Cleaning

Spring will be upon us before we know it, and mild weather is still present in many parts of the country. Spring cleaning is a good opportunity to get home maintenance done too. You’ll be moving lots of furniture and clearing clutter. What better time to fix that creaky kitchen chair? If you want to […]

Adding Artificial Grass to Your Outdoor Grilling Area

Nothing says summer like going outside and grilling. Throwing some ribs, steaks, hot dogs or hamburgers on the grill gives families a chance to enjoy quality time together while eating amazing food. It’s also an opportunity to dine al fresco and take advantage of beautiful weather. If you are looking at installing a grill in […]

Gallagher Electric Fences

By Farm Supply Store Whether you’re worried about your family pets or your livestock, it’s important that you realize there are other animals out there that may want to make meals of them. This is true for everything from your smallest dogs to your biggest cows or horses. As such, there is no excuse to […]

Finding the Home that Works for You

By Marron Gildea Realtors Are you excited about the possibility of living in Ridgewood, Ho Ho Kus or Saddle River? That makes sense, because these are all very popular areas that are only improving. Obviously, Saddle River homes are known for their modern designs and look. Of course, living near by the Ridgewood country club […]

How to Pressure Wash Your Driveway

Written by: Toolsmith Direct Want a quick tip to increase the value of your home, and improve curb appeal? The exterior parts of your home have a special penchant for getting grimy, especially the driveway. A Snap-On pressure washer is just what you need for preventative maintenance outside the home. It helps prevent dirt and […]

Troubleshooting Underfloor Heating

Written by: EZ Floor Heat Warm tiles thermostat systems can help cut the costs of heating your space. It’s a valuable investment that uses ambient heat to warm the residence, and it can be fairly inexpensive to both install and run. Like all mechanical parts in a home, it is subject to breaking down. Quality […]

How to Make Your Door Stand Up to Weather

A poorly sealed home or office can add twenty percent to the annual heating budget, according to the Consumer Energy Center. Small adjustments, such as sealing a one-eighth inch space beneath an outer door, will save hundreds of dollars in heating fuel or electricity each year. Weatherproofing doors, especially in areas where extreme weather is […]

Using dryfast foam for patio cushions

Written by Carlo Badalamenti Dryfast foam is a technology used in foam that allows it to dry up at a rate that’s much faster than regular cushions. As you may have already realized by now, the ability of cushions to dry up much faster makes it extremely ideal for outdoor use. That means that your […]