Know when to replace patio cushions

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After several years of use or some months spent outdoors, you might start to notice that your patio cushions have lost their shape and have started to become saggy and loose. Moreover, if the cushions are made out of fabrics such as cotton, they might be prone to discoloration from exposure to the sun. Patio cushions might also be damaged from the rain and wind and this might encourage the proliferation of moth and mildew.

Saggy cushions are also uncomfortable to sit on, especially when they top metal or wicker outdoor furniture. This could disbalance your posture and give you various muscle pains in the neck, back and arms. In order to avoid this, you might consider replacement cushions for your patio. You could also carry out a foam replacement project of your existing cushions if the cover is still in a good state or it it is made out of leather or any other durable material.

In order to carry out this project, you would first need to take out your existing foam and to measure the dimension of your cushion to be able to order custom-cut foam. For this type of outdoor application, you might want to opt for foams that are specially designed to be durable and to hold less moisture than the regular ones. A dry fast foam would tend to have larger air holes and thus retain less water.

The Foam Factory caters for foam replacement projects by offering the possibility of having foams custom-cut. Their products are ideal for patio cushion replacement projects.