Quick Tips for Wood Fence Repairs

Have you noticed that your wood fence is starting to look a little rough? Are some areas of the fence weak, rotted or damaged in some other way? If so, now is a great time to make repairs. To get started, walk around your fence and inspect the damage. Make note of everything that it needs so you’ll have this information on hand and it’ll help you determine what supplies are needed.

The next step would be to go pick up your supplies and gather up all of the tools needed to complete the job. If a post is damaged, it will need to be dug up and replaced. Begin the task by taking off any boards attached to the post. Once it’s been replaced, reattach the boards.

If it’s a board or two that needs to be replaced, you only need to remove the damaged ones. Measure and cut the new board the right length and nail it back in place. Stain or paint the new post and boards to match the existing fence and the task is complete.

Repairing the parts of the fence that’s damaged now, can save you a lot of headaches and possibly money later on. When you leave rotten, damaged wood in place, it will usually spread to the surround areas. This can quickly double the amount of work you have to do and the amount of supplies needed to fix it later. Don’t put it off any longer, now is the perfect time to fix that wooden fence.

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