Landscaping the Pool Area

Backyard pools offer a great source of summer fun but keeping the area around the pool neat, clean and attractive will enhance the beauty of the pool and make it a more comfortable and relaxing place to be. When choosing a landscaping idea for poolside you need to consider safety first, convenience second and then privacy and beauty.

Placing a fence around your pool area is a great idea that can increase safety and provide privacy. You can choose any type of fencing material such as wood, vinyl or chain link fencing. If you decide to use a chain link fence, you can still create privacy by using privacy slats designed especially for chain link fences.

You can add plants to your landscape to give it a more natural feel but keep in mind that plants need extra maintenance. Therefore, if you don’t have the time to take care of plants along with the regular maintenance the pool needs, you may want to skip these. If you do decide to use plants, choose wisely and pick out the low maintenance ones so you can cut back on some of the work.

If you have plenty of room around your pool, consider building a changing room or area where you can keep snacks and beverages to reduce the traffic from the pool to the house. Add some solar lights that will keep the pool area lit up and you can swim late into the night without worry. Add the poolside furniture and a BBQ grill and you’re ready for summertime fun around the pool.

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