Your Child’s Birthday Bash Will Be Awesome if You Do This

Written by: Gelato Products

Throw a grand birthday bash for your child with these tips.

These days, there is more and more pressure on parents to throw the best birthday party for their children. It’s pretty hard to keep outdoing everyone else, but one trick you may not have thought of was to serve gelato in custom birthday cups.

First, you’ll need to find some custom printed cups to serve the gelato in. You’ll want to include your kid’s name and how old they are on the cup. And if you opt for reusable ones, the other kids can even take them home as a memento of the party!

Next you’ll want to purchase some plastic yogurt spoons. Don’t settle for the cheapest plastic spoons you can find, as those may break when handling a thick dessert like gelato. And the last thing you want during a party is a house full of disappointed kids because their spoons keep breaking.

Finally, once you have both gelato cups and spoons, comes the best part: purchasing the gelato flavors! Always get more than you think you’ll need to provide your child’s friends ample helpings of this creamy treat. Be sure to also get more than one flavor. You don’t want to run out or have kids complaining that others got more than them, or that they don’t like the taste, so err on the side of abundance. And if there is any leftover, it will make for a delicious “job well done” treat for you!