Top Reasons Why You Should Purchase Eco-Friendly Furniture

Summary: Eco-friendly furniture pieces are becoming the rage in today’s interior design practices. Here are some viable options that you can choose from if you’re planning to make the switch.

There are some homeowners that obsess over interior design and furniture placement while others hire contractors to do the job for them. Either way, choosing pieces that are environmentally friendly can not only reduce your carbon footprint but is a viable option for those that are seeking something new.

Look for Reclaimed Materials

If wood is taken care of, it can last years upon years. Furniture that is constructed out of reclaimed wood is the same as pieces that are made from old furniture, accessories, and other items. Choosing reclaimed wood as an option is an excellent way to be resourceful and eco-friendly at the same time.

Sustainable Materials

There are a number of eco-friendly options from suppliers like The Foam Factory for example, that are available to you. For example, sustainably harvested tree farms are a perfect alternative to just chopping down trees and destroying what was once a lush forest. As you already know, trees are chopped down on a continuous basis, so deforestation practices are only harming the environment.

Bamboo Furniture

Bamboo comes from a specific family of grasses that range in color, shape, and size. It’s actually not a tree at all. Moreover, it grows rather quickly and has become one of the most versatile materials known today. Many interior designers are switching to bamboo for flooring, patio cushion molds, veneers, and blinds.

Bamboo comes from all over the world, primarily China and is grown with either very few, or no, pesticides. And, because it grows so rapidly, it is relatively easy to maintain healthy forests. It does however, require a significant amount of water and if it does grow too quickly, soil fertility can be depleted.