The Safest Regions To Live In The USA

Written by Marron Gildea Realtors


If you are a parent and are considering moving out to another region. You might have some queries about crime rates and the overall safety in the region where you would be moving. The list below breaks down some of the safest regions in the USA in terms of low crime rates and lowest number of sex offenders per capita. These places also feature a good score in the peace index. It might help you make your choice of the safest neighbourhood.

Ho Ho Kus, New Jersey

According to an article by the New Jersey Monthly in 2011, Ho Ho Kus was primed as being the best place to live in the state of New Jersey. Ho Ho Kus is a borough located in Bergen County. This area boasts a low crime rate, is very close to New York and has a good quality schooling system.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach offers all the attributes and peacefulness of a life by the beach. This city is located quite close to a naval air base and this might be one of the reasons why the crime rate is so low. The city also has a low number of registered sex offenders.

Boulder, Colorado

Boulder is a peaceful city that offers some great views to its inhabitants. The view is not the only asset of this place as it also enjoys a low crime rate and is considered one of the safest cities in the USA.

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