Prevent Mold on Patio Cushion

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The patio furniture and cushions are the most prone to attacks by humid environment. Rain and water from the pool might contribute to degrading the foam of patio cushions. Mold thrive in these humid environment and as such, you might quickly start to notice that your cushions have been infested by them. Apart from being unsightly, mold also gives out a very unpleasant smell. There are several steps that can be taken to eradicate or prevent mold.

Frequent cleaning

If you start to notice signs of mold on your cushions, you might first off start with a regular cleaning routine. A mixture of detergent, household bleach and water can be allowed to soak in your cushions for thirty minutes to an hour. The cushion then has to be rinsed thoroughly and left to dry out completely. If the cushion is stored while it is still humid, it will be attacked by mold again.

Proper Insulation

In order to prevent mold, humidity needs to be avoided. For patio cushions, instead of opting for fabric cushions, you might want to favor properly insulated cushion covers such as those made up of leather. These covers protect your cushions’ foam from absorbing water.

Foam replacement

Carlo Badalamenti has worked in the foam industry for several decades now. It is recommended that patio cushions contain open-cell foams to allow the fast drainage of water. These types of dry fast foam prevent the formation of foam and has antimicrobial properties.

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