Long lasting outdoor cushions

Written by Foam Factory, Inc.


Cushions meant for the outdoors tend to deteriorate after some years of use. These tend to be attacked by mold and mildew since they are kept in a particularly humid environment. Apart from these, wear and tear and the accumulation of dust would be detrimental to the durability of the foam cushion.

If you have noticed that your outdoor cushions have become saggy and no longer provide support to the back, it might be the time to consider going for a change. Generally, there are two options available to people seeking to replace their cushions. The first one is to buy brand new cushions and the second would be to keep the cushion covers and buy cushion fillings.

Normally, buying ready made cushions is not particularly recommended for people seeking durability, especially for outdoor use. This is because very few cushions are made resistant enough not to be deteriorated by the elements quickly. It is for this reason that DIY cushion making projects have become so popular.

A way to undergo this type of project is to buy flexible polyurethane foam and to have it custom cut at the factory. This foam is great to replace the filling of furniture cushions. The foam can be chosen in a fast-drying formula. This particular type of foam does not absorb so much humidity and drains water quite quickly, making it ideal for the outdoors.

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