Fix an Old Couch Cushion

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How many times have you seen old couches left out on the side of the road for the garbage man to pick up? The risk of picking those couches up for yourself is too high, but keep your sofa for too long and the cushions will start to sag. With this step-by-step, you’ll have a cushion replacement in no time at all.

Select the Material

The first step in repairing an old couch is to select the materials you’ll use to do the work. Sofa foam is a bit softer than something like memory foam, but both make for a good foam seat. Memory foam reacts to body heat and has a certain threshold for how much pressure it can take. You might want to couple your memory foam with a standard foam base layer to help support your lower back.

Re-Upholster the Couch

The foam will wear out pretty quickly with people sitting on it, unless you have some kind of cover over it to protect it from wear. Covers also help keep your foam clean and free from stains. You might not want to re-sell the couch, but covers will help you keep odors and unsightly messes from ruining your favorite living room piece.

Final Thoughts

You won’t have to do much to the foam cushions in order to maintain them, but you might consider a slip cover over the cushions for your back. This would absorb sweat stains and make it easier to clean cushions. You can also use excess foam to make a spare patio cushion for a more attractive seating space outside.