Choosing the right location for your ice cream business

Written by Gelato Products

Finding the right location requires thoughtful strategy to ensure that your chosen location brings you sufficient sales and awareness to your brand. Here are some areas to consider when choosing a location for your ice cream business.

Demographics – Look at the demographic estimates offered by the U.S. Small Business Administration and the Easy Analytic Software, Inc., to provide you with information on genders, ages, household incomes and more on potential commercial spaces. This information can also help you with design your in-store look and products such as your plastic gelato cups and serving items.

Street traffic – Your business needs to be easily accessible and visible to the public. The traffic will also have a bearing on the commute to your store, and the distance consumers are willing to travel to eat your products.

Neighboring businesses – Consider where your competitors are situated and what brought them to this location. Setting up near your competitor will mean that you have access to their market share, but this can also mean that you will have to provide products and a service that exceeds your competitor. It is also a good idea to look at your competitor for ideas on store layout, staffing and how they serve their products (self-service, ice cream spoons, and bowls, )

Access to talented staffing candidates – To hire the right people for your store, you will need to operate in an area that you can find employees that are suitable for your business. For an ice cream business, you should consider operating near a university or a school to have access to potential


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