When It’s Time to Replace Your RV’s Cushions

There’s nothing quite like owning a recreational vehicle. They make it possible to get up and go see the country at a moment’s notice without giving up the amenities we love about home. Of course, many of the creature comforts of home living are literally comfortable. If your RV starts losing in the comfort area, it’ll be tough to get anyone to join you on your next road trip.

Considering all the time you’ll spend on the road, RV cushions might be even more important than the ones you keep in your home. But unlike the sofa foam you may be sitting on when you watch television, often the cushions that come with RVs just aren’t the best.

This might not be the case, of course, but you could end up needing to replace them sooner rather than later, simply because they’re not meant for the long term attention we give our cushions at home.

Either way, if your RV’s cushions are no longer a joy to sit on, it’s time for them to go. Likewise, if they’ve begun to retain your shape long after you’ve gotten off of them, you should look at replacing them.

If you have the money, consider a higher quality option the next time around so you don’t end up doing a u-turn and back with the same problem.


Article submitted by The Foam Factory. They’re your one stop shop online for everything from seat backs to foam inserts and just about anything else you need to keep comfortable.