What to Consider When Replacing Your Outdoor Cushions

If you own a patio, then you’re probably aware that your seat cushions usually take a beating from the changing weather patterns. The life of your cushions is undeniably shorter than your indoor seats. Before you hold a barbeque out on your patio and disgust your guests with a mildew-laden seat, it’s best to replace them when they’re due.


If you still have the same cushions that came with your outdoor seats, chances are they need to be replaced. The first thing that you need to do is jot down the dimensions of your cushion. Measure the width, the depth, and the length of your patio cushion. It’s important to get the accurate measurements as you don’t want to waste your money on buying the wrong sizing – as straight-forward as it sounds, it happens more than you think it would.

To prolong the life of your outdoor furniture, seat and table covers are recommended – especially if you live in an area that receives continuous showers. When purchasing a cover, make sure that they are slightly deeper and wider than your furniture. Also, they should be a bit shorter due to the fact that you don’t want them touching the ground and bringing the moisture up.

If you don’t want to purchase a whole new cushion set, you can look into foam replacement instead. A cheaper solution to your furniture replacement, it obviously requires more work but is a cost-friendly solution.

If your cushion covers are still intact and all they need are a simple wash in your laundry machine, then visit a foam specialist like The Foam Factory, a manufacturer that distributes custom foam for any type of furniture. While it may be easier to just buy a whole new set of cushions from your local furniture store, you’ll save a lot more money by replacing the foam instead.

Various companies allow you to create a custom cushion to your liking. Anything from embroidery to density, you can create what you feel is the perfect cushion for your patio.

While it may seem like an unimportant replacement, especially since your pride and joy may lie with the interior décor of your home, it’s definitely an investment worth considering if you want to keep your patio looking new and clean. Leave an impression on your guests that they’ll never forget – and who wouldn’t want to hear a few compliments here and there too.