Sliding Glass Versus Regular Doors

Glass is one of the most versatile materials currently being used for home doors. They look great no matter where they are installed. Whether you need a patio door or are looking to replace your entire front door, making the door partially or completely made out of glass is one way to add class to the project.

With this in mind, here are the two most common types of residential glass doors

Sliding Doors

This is the type of door that is most likely to be made partially or totally of glass. They are designed to slide on rails so that they can be easily opened. You can often find them leading to backyards, patios and other outside areas within a home. In many cases, they will also have a screen door on them; this keeps bugs and other intruders out when one part of the screen door is open. Sliding doors are commonly made of two panes of glass that are layered within the door. This helps to provide additional insulation against the environment outside.

Regular Glass Doors

Glass can also be used as part of a regular door that you might find in a front entry to a house or within the home. However, it’s very rare that the entire door is made out of glass; in most cases, glass is either a design element within the door, or the glass pane is encased within a wooden frame that features engravings or other design elements to accentuate the glass. These glass doors can often resemble stained glass, be beveled or etched.

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