Overlooked Tips for Spring Cleaning

Spring will be upon us before we know it, and mild weather is still present in many parts of the country. Spring cleaning is a good opportunity to get home maintenance done too. You’ll be moving lots of furniture and clearing clutter. What better time to fix that creaky kitchen chair? If you want to get some important home maintenance done before the seasons take their toll, these tips will help you locate projects around the house you can do yourself. One weekend is all that most of these projects demand, so even the busiest home owners can find time to save themselves some money on the costs of repair.

What You Will Need

You will need a few hand tools, like screwdrivers and hammers, which fit comfortably inside of a Snap-On tool bag. You will also need larger tools like a power drill to tackle some of the heavier projects around the home. Don’t forget caulk and various screws and nails too.

Begin in the Bathroom

The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the home, and it’s where you can make a lot of easy progress and feel good about the work you did. Start by recaulking your tub. You can run the caulking tube across the rim of the bathtub and apply a thin coating to get the finish you need. This seals the tub and provides fewer opportunities for water to spill out and stain your flooring. Check that your toilet flushing mechanism is working properly, and use needle nose pliers to make adjustments on the chain if the toilet is running.


Working in your garage is another place where you can get a lot done without struggling for ways to improve your space. Simply gathering your tools and putting them into tool bags is a good first start. You can stack boxes in the garage two or three levels deep, or consider mounting some boards to the attic of your garage so you can store items over your car. If your garage has the wall space for it, consider hanging racks for tools too. Keep a shop vacuum handy so that you can clean your space after work is done for the day.

Washing Windows

Give your windows a wipe down with a damp rag and some ammonia-based cleaners. You may also use natural cleaners if you prefer. Take the opportunity to check the sealing around your windows too. The same caulk you used in the bathroom is useful in the windows around the exterior of the home.

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