Outdoor Plant Stands

Plant stands create an added amount of interest and dimension in your garden by offering the creative use of levels and focal points. They are a wonderful way to set a tone, whether your style is Spanish gardening or formal English landscaping.

These charming plant stands look lovely filled with colorful potted flowers or deep green foliage. They can be a stunning accent to small patio gardens or homes with a limited amount of gardening space. They can even add height and visual interest to container gardens.

Their versatility allows you to change plants throughout your garden, so the beauty is always fresh and exciting. Not to mention, the stands themselves can be placed in different locations to suit your mood.

Iris Plant Stand – Three half-round shelves make this Iris plant stand a beautiful addition to your garden or patio.

Lattice Obelisk – Part of the Cottage Collection, this obelisk-trellis will add a great visual point to any English garden.

Peacock Step – Left – Three cascading steps and a short railing on one side, this beautiful plant stand holds two 10″ pots and one 8″ pot.

Deer Park BE203 2 Pot Bench Planter


Achla 8×16 Wrought Iron Helix Flowerpot Base


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