Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Intermatic LT9 Malibu Low Voltage Metal 10-Watt Halogen Landscape Floodlight

Using low voltage landscape lighting can add a lot of interest to your outdoor landscaping. Whether a commercial landscaping job or a residential landscaping job, low voltage landscape lighting can add a lot of interest to your landscape and highlight the beauty of your home. You can find a lot of unique low voltage landscape lighting that offer exactly the look you need to make a so-so landscaping renovation into an amazing show stopping makeover.

Use low voltage landscape lighting to:

  • Improve the visual appeal
  • Highlight specific areas of interest
  • Light up the pool and patio
  • Mark a pathway for added safety
  • Add security
  • Decorate

Low voltage landscape lighting provides the same amount of light visually that high voltage lighting does, but without having to worry about your electricity bill. You want a WOW in your yard, but not on your utility bill. If you’re landscaping a commercial property, the low voltage lighting will be appreciated as it will be lighter on the budget. In addition, the low voltage landscape lighting provides more light, longer than its high voltage counterparts, which also cuts the cost tremendously. Low voltage landscape lighting is also safer, providing less of an electric shock if something should happen that causes a shock.

Intermatic LX10610T25 Malibu 10 Pack Low-Voltage Plastic Lights with 44-Watt Power Pack and 50-Foot Cable

Low voltage landscape lighting is adaptable to many styles and designs. There are spotlights, path lighting, food lights, lamps and specialty lighting. You can spot light a special tree, or a special area of your landscaping, keep the path light up, and even flood lighting on the driveway basketball court. You can have specialty lighting for your deck, garden lighting, and even underwater lighting for your pool. The options are truly endless when it comes to low voltage landscape lighting.

Adding low voltage landscape lighting to your gardens actually ads a punch of color while adding security. Any landscape design can benefit from well placed landscape lighting. Whether in the front yard, back yard, or pool side, low voltage landscape lighting will improve the look of any landscaping, from traditional, to contemporary to dramatic.

Installing low voltage landscape lighting usually needs professional assistance because you need to ensure that you have the right kind of wiring. Proper installation will keep your landscaping looking terrific for years to come. If you don’t want to hire a professional find step by step instructions for installation within the packaging or on the website of the manufacturer. It’s important to do it right since you’re dealing with outdoor electricity and wiring.

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