How to Revitalize Backyard Furniture

As the weather heats up, it takes a big toll on your outdoor furniture. After a long winter, your furniture might be feeling the elements, which is why it’s important to revitalize old pieces before the summer season hits in earnest. Use custom foam cushions to restore seating to its former glory, or sand down that old wooden table and stain it. Whether you have furniture that is falling apart, or just fading in color, these tips can help you bring back some of that original luster.


A new coat of paint can bring back color to just about any object on your patio. Over time, paint sometimes cracks or fades in the sun. A new coat of matte finish paint can give your furniture the colors you want to match your deck, without paying for new pieces. Seek out garage sale furniture and bring new life to the old pieces with some paint. Just be sure that you buy paint for the material you want to cover. Metal, for instance, requires a special kind of paint that adheres to the surface.


Cushion filling can make a big difference in old furniture. You can get replacement foam pads to add some extra support, or to change the comfort level of a seat. If you leave your furniture uncovered, you need to bring in cushions for the evening so they don’t get damaged from the elements. Cushions can also add some character to the sofa. A rolled up piece of foam with some fabric around it makes for a good impromptu lumbar support pillow, as opposed to paying extravagant amounts to a furniture store for the same piece. Plus, you choose all the colors so you can easily coordinate your backyard and make it beautiful.


Be sure to use some form of water sealant or protection on your patio furniture, especially if it is made of wood. The potential damage that you can protect against far outweighs the cost of both time and money to apply the sealant. Reapply once a year for the best results, and try to avoid exposing your furniture unnecessarily to the sun.

Other Tips

A slip cover can add a lot of color to a piece that you’ve already worked on. Try draping some of your chairs with a slip cover to change the look and feel for guests. Table cloths and candles are good additions too, especially if you plan to spend nights outside.
Carlo Badalamenti writes on behalf of The Foam Factory. Browse foam cushions online, and save by building it yourself with supplies from The Foam Factory.