Exterior Door Glass Accent Choices

This article was written by Eto Doors.

Your front door is more than a place for people to come into and out of your house. It’s also a way to add attractiveness to your home. It’s often the first thing that people notice when coming to your house and a stylish front door that complements the decor of your home can go a long way to adding “curb appeal” to your home and increasing its value.

The good news is that there are a number of ways that you can add stylish accents to your front door in order to make it stand out. Some accents can be done after you purchase and install your door, such as painting panels a different color or adding lighting. Other accents such as the following ones should be planned for before you purchase or install your door:

Glass: There are several different types of glass features that will add beauty to your front entrance. You might choose to select an energy efficient glass that lets in the sunlight but also retains heat or cold air from inside your house. Or you might want to select a frosted glass that adds style while also providing you with a level of privacy.

Blinds: While you can install blinds anywhere, you can also buy doors with blinds pre-installed inside of the glass. This makes it easy for you to control how much sunlight and privacy you have inside of your home.

Sidelites and Transoms: Along with having glass features directly on the front door, you can also include glass accents around the door. Sidelites (tall glass panels that run along either side of a door) and transoms (windows above the door) are just two of your options.

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