Backyard Water Slides

Summer entertainment for the adults on the patio and backyard water slides for the kids make for an unforgettable family gathering. Water slides for backyard fun are easy, affordable entertainment that keep the kids active and happy during the summer months. Memories of spinning sprinklers and being chased by water hoses are now been replaced by memories of Slip ‘N Slides. Long water slides make every watery foot worth their inexpensive and fast assembly.  These slides bring endless fun to kids of all ages. From double wave riders to Slip ‘N Slides to waterslides that mimic the old childhood favorites, slides are being setup in backyards all over neighborhoods across the nation.

Inflatables lend hours of sliding and water fun. These are the one-step-up slides from regular Slip ‘N slides and are growing in popularity. Birthday parties are not complete with just the balloons and birthday cake;  a water slide makes an unforgettable fun day for the whole party. Inexpensive and inflatable, these slides come in a variety of colors and lengths and heights. Wet or dry, these slides give endless play time.

The Rapids Adventure water slide selections are large slides with lower levels of fun for smaller kids and higher climbing levels for the older more adventurous kids. Constructed of tough material, these slides can withstand all the sliding and splashing kids can offer. Some backyard water slides fully inflate to as high as nine feet high and hold up to four-hundred pounds of weight. For those extra-large family reunions and gatherings, the double inflatable water slide provides double the fun and double the value. The total length of this fun catcher is twenty-feet and safely accommodates over two-hundred pounds. Landing areas of these slides are safe and designed wide enough to catch the inertia of a slider. Set up with continuous blower motors that are included with the total package, these slides are in no danger of deflating unexpectantly. A blower motor plug fits into 120V outside house outlets and inflates in mere minutes. All the backyard water slide needs after inflating is a simple hook-up of the garden hose, and an instant water park has sprung up in the backyard.

While the older kids and toddlers are putting the big waterslides to good use, the little tikes can enjoy their own slides, especially designed with them in mind. This curvy Little Tikes Slam ‘N Curve waterslide keeps the younger toddlers in the family busy. Two separate slides are positioned for visibility of the little ones as they slide down the slippery heavy durable slide. Small tyke water slides are also offered in the inflatable version for sliding into a toddler’s pool. Constructed with high-quality fire retardant certified material, these slides are meant to last for summers on end. Heavy vinyl with duty thread that is doubled and tripled stitched makes these slides virtually impenetrable and puncture proof. Where some slides are straight slip and slide fun, other slides offer greater versatility with curves, climbing walls and bouncing platforms. There is no doubt that these big monster inflatable backyard water slides are worth the investment.

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