Backyard Water Features

One of the best ways to make gardens inviting and relaxing is to add some backyard water features. A classic form of garden art, water fountains provide both visual appeal and the calming sound of water to any space.

Even a tiny urban porch or balcony can be transformed into an oasis with the addition of a few plants and a stylish water feature. And no matter what your tastes or personal style may be, there is a fountain out there that will suit you and your budget. Here is an introduction to the various types that are available and some tips for selecting the right one for your space.

pot water fountain

There are several different varieties of outdoor water fountains to choose from. The most easily recognizable fountains are those that feature a figure in the middle of a basin, like the stereotypical cherubs and women with jugs of water, where water flows out of the figure and into the basin.

Another type of fountain which is fairly easy to construct and install is the pot or vase fountain. These are basically decorative containers with water pumps inside of them to circulate water and produce that relaxing bubbly sound. This can be a great way to utilize a favorite plant container or outdoor urn and make it a feature in your garden space.

A more modern interpretation of indoor or outdoor water features is the water wall fountain. It consists of a vertical surface that water drips down into a collection reservoir at the base, where a pump recirculates it back to the top. There are also backyard waterfalls that are made up of several connected reservoirs and water cascades from the highest to the lowest. Any of these options can add both auditory and visual appeal to your garden. Just be careful to select only fountains that have been designed for outdoor use, as indoor fountains will rapidly deteriorate when subjected to the elements.

Putting together outdoor water fountains from kits can save you a little money, and there are also ways to build fountains from scratch if you want a custom look. If you are handy and have a flare for artistry, there are countless tutorials and online instructions for making various types of water features. Likewise, there are great options when it comes to constructing a custom koi pond or in-ground fountain. It is also a good idea to check out the gardening section of your local library for books that can give detailed instructions and photographs to help you get things exactly right.

Even if you aren’t interested in building your own water feature from scratch or a kit, there are still plenty of inexpensive options available to bring water into your garden. Backyard water fountains come in many styles, shapes, sizes, and colors, so finding one that will work for your space is just a matter of knowing what you are looking for and hunting around until you see a fountain that appeals to you. Just remember to measure the space where you would like to install the fountain before you go shopping so that you will end up with one that fits your budget and your garden.

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