5 Ways to Use an Air Compressor

An air compressor is one of the most useful tools you can keep in your garage. It fulfills a variety of tasks: from pressure washing to paint jobs. Knowing how to safely operate a compressor can save you tons of time on household chores.

Pressure Washing

An air compressor can be fitted with a hose, and made to spray water at high speeds. This is perfect for blasting away tough grime and dirt that collects on your wood. Be careful that you adjust the pressure before hand. Too little pressure and you’ll be as effective as a garden hose. Too much pressure and you risk washing away the paint and varnish. Once the small air compressor is activated, use an arc motion to spread the pressure out evenly over the surface. Avoid pointing the stream at one spot to minimize potential damage.

Pneumatic Tools

Pneumatic tools are probably one of the most common uses for an air compressor. You can fit tools to the hose, then use the air pressure to apply the required torque. Pneumatic tools are also generally cheaper than their electric counterparts, and safer to use as well. Be wary of cheap tools however. So called “disposable tools” are low quality and cheap. They are good for a few uses, but they will break down much faster than a comparable electric-powered tool.


Debris and dust is easy to sweep away with an oil free air compressor. You can blow the debris onto the floor and clean it up with a shop vacuum, or just blow the dust right into a trash receptacle. Be sure to don an air filtration mask to cut down on dust particles invading your nose.

Filling Tires

An air compressor is excellent for filling tires too. Attach the hose to the air nozzle and use a tire pressure gauge to be sure that you’re filling your tires to the recommended capacity. Check the pressure frequently as you fill to prevent over filling. Too little air and you lose the locomotion that an inflated tire gives you. Too much and you risk a blow out. Especially on days that are hot, so be sure to let some pressure out if you do happen to over fill.


Air compressors can also be used for painting and finishing work. It saves you time to be able to spray down the walls, and proper technique will ensure you get an even coat that won’t blotch. Be sure to thoroughly clean the device after usage, or else you may find your next project will need a thorough cleaning first.
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