What is an Electric Dog Fence

Written by Farm Supply Store

An electric fence system is a training method to keep your dog within your own property or a set area. Do not confuse it with a standard electric fence, which is a wire fence that is electrified. Anything that touches that wire fence then is exposed to an electric shock. An electric dog fence is different.

Unlike any other electric fence installation, an electric dog fence is based on a wire that around your designated area. A transmitter sends a signal along that wire. Your dog wears a collar that acts as a receiver to the signal transmitted along the boundary wire.

When your dog goes near the boundary, and the collar picks up a signal, an alarm is triggered. This is a proximity alarm. As the dog gets close to the boundary it is then faced with a mild static charge from the collar. As he/she gets closer and closer the static discharge gets stronger. This is done to indicate to the doc that as they closer to the boundary that it can expect a stronger response from the collar.

Using a system such as this, you can train your dog to not cross certain boundaries. Such systems are used at homes or even as farm fencing. Once your dog has achieved sufficient levels of discipline when coming close to the fence, you can switch from the static charge to just a simple alarm. Once trained your dog will recognize this as a cue and avoid cross the invisible boundary.

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