Tips For Cleaning Your Gutters

Article Written by : Viv Artificial Grass

gutter cleaning

After the leaves turn colors and fall to the ground, it’s time to clean out those gutters so they can do their job properly. Gutters were designed to prevent water from running down the sides of your home along the doors and windows. They also prevent water from collecting along the outside of your home where it can cause foundation damage. Keeping your gutters clean is necessary in order for them to do their job and protect your home.

To make sure your gutters are clean and working properly, follow the tips listed below:

  • Gather together the proper tools. These include a sturdy ladder, bucket, gutter scoop, garden hose, rags and gloves.
  • Make sure the ladder is sitting level on the ground.
  • Never stand on the top two steps of the ladder to help prevent falls.
  • Never lean out and reach around when standing on a ladder.
  • If you’re cleaning your gutters from the roof, don’t lean over the gutters and it’s a good idea to use a safety harness to keep you secured just in case you slip.
  • Avoid getting close to electrical lines.
  • Wear gloves to help protect your hands and prevent cuts and scrapes and safety glasses for your eyes.
  • Use the gutter scoop to remove the leaves and other debris from the gutter and place them in the bucket.
  • Run water through your gutters with the garden hose to make sure they are completely clean.

Using the tips listed above will help you safely clean out your gutters so they can catch the water and guide it down the drain and away from your home. The more you do to protect your home the less you have to spend on costly repairs. After the leaves are through falling and before the cold weather sets in is the perfect time to take care of this important task.