Settling Property Line Disputes Without going to Court

Learn how to prepare for, and settle disputes with neighbors.

English gardenWhen you own a home, you’ll find yourself wanting to upgrade lots of its aspects. One upgrade you might consider is the fence along your property line. That fence is shared with your neighbors, and it benefits them as much as it benefits you. In most cases, two neighbors will get together to settle a dispute over who pays for what. Here is what you need to know to keep your dispute out of the courtroom.

Property Lines

The first thing you’ll want to do is clarify property lines. Construction advisory services can look at the records for your home and help to define the property lines that mark who owns what. This is an important component in the dispute, as you might not need your neighbor’s approval for certain sections of the fence. You may also find that the property lines are inaccurate, which can lead to bigger disputes.


Usually, most people will offer to split costs right down the middle. The hard part is finding a fence that both you and your neighbor like and can afford. This is where negotiation comes into play. If you completely love a style your neighbor can’t pay for, one method to resolve the problem is to offer to pay a bit more to cover certain costs. This might help ease your apprehensive neighbor into agreeing.


If you and your neighbor absolutely cannot agree, construction mediation may be the only solution. Mediation will allow both of you to explain your situation to an impartial third party who helps you arrive at a decision of what to do.

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