Protect Your Patio And Lawn Furniture From The Elements

Article Written by : Landscape Gardening Idea

As cold weather approaches, it’s time to protect your patio and lawn furniture from the elements. There are several ways this can be done depending on the type of furniture you have and where it’s located. If you have garden benches and other lawn furniture that is too heavy to move, you can consider purchasingpatio furniture covers to protect these. They’re not very expensive and they’re designed to withstand the elements such as rain snow and even ice. Some of them are weighted to prevent being blown off by a strong wind.

If you have an expensive indoor patio set that you’ve been using on your open deck, it would be best to put these in storage for the winter. Wash and clean up the patio furniture, then allow it to dry thoroughly before you store them in your garage, basement or outdoor storage building. You may want to consider wrapping them in plastic to further protect them if you’re concerned about moisture.

Even if your lawn and patio furniture is designed for the outdoors, it doesn’t hurt to put a little effort into making sure they last through the winter without damage. No one wants to see their chairs flying across the lawn in the middle of a bad storm. Simply stack the light weight chairs and tables into a corner and cover those with plastic. The larger heavy pieces can be protected with furniture covers.

Lawn furniture is a life time investment meant to last year after year. With proper care, it can serve you well. Take the time to prepare your outdoor furniture and protect your investment. This way, it’ll be ready next spring when the weather begins to break and you’re ready to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.