Great Combination of Aluminum Frame and Synthetic Wicker

The manufacturers of furniture not only pay attention to customer convenience in the form of furniture design, but also to the resilience of the product against the threat of climate change that is uncertain. In simple terms, this has to be durable. Especially for the outdoor furniture  is more likely to interact with nature, whether it’s temperature and weather. Rays of the sun or heavy rain can be a factor causing damage to your furniture, where it can be brittle or flaking. Therefore, Rattanland furniture as manufacturers prefers the use of synthetic materials and combine it with natural rattan. The use of the elements aluminum frames is to strengthen the body’s furniture.

The synthetic material may be plastic, resin or fiber. Manufacturers even make synthetic rattan furniture, which combines resin and tree fiber, which is then used as synthetic wicker furniture that makes the body into as baskets, then in the result will be a chair. Synthetic rattan is designed to withstand the outside elements and last longer. It is usually used as a rattan frame, but nowadays manufacturers prefer aluminum as a substitute for rattan frame. Aluminum is ideal to be used as a chair frame because the metal that is lightweight and does not rust, so that the frame remains sturdy. Now by the use of aluminum and wicker will combine the best qualities of both. The result is durable and stylish furniture.