Landscaping Ideas For Front Yard

Front Yard Idea Book: How to Create a Welcoming Entry and Expand Your Outdoor Living Space

While the backyard is a private place for the homeowner, the front yard is where the attraction takes place.

The front appearance of the house and yard gives the first impression we always need.

You could create focus in the front yard with a water fountain, some pathways, or the house itself. If you use a water feature, try a circular fountain, with several pathways leading to it. The pathways can be made of stone, river rocks, bricks, or even concrete.

Terracing is also a good option for front yards. Properly-arranged and symmetric terraces give the house a beautiful appearance. Retaining walls for terraces can be made of stone, brick, wood or concrete. Stone walls are considered as the most attractive.

Shrubs can be aesthetically pleasing, and flowering and non-flowering plants can be used to add color and texture to your front yard garden. Make sure to establish a border between the house and the plants, in order to keep dampness away fromĀ  the foundation of the building.

Check out this beautiful front yard from dalylab

front yard

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